Youth Groups

Armoy Activity Centre: For a fun filled day out, a wild adventure, an educational trip or a quiet day out to the country, Armoy Activity Centre, an independently run enterprise, based at Sheans Horse Farm, has something that will fulfill your needs. We pride ourselves on our quality products and the flexibility of our activities. If the pre-set packages detailed below do not suit, we can work with you in order to tailor a package to meet the needs of the group.

Experience the freedom, fun and buzz of Armoy Activity Centre!

Horse Riding Session

Picnic Rides Northern Ireland

Experience the freedom, fun and the buzz of Sheans Horse Farm. Learn the basics of horse riding, trek through the Glens and finish on a high by mastering the rising trot.

60 minute horse riding sessions – £14

90 minute horse riding sessions – £20




Fun on Horseback – Pony Club Games


Duration – 2hrs : Price – £25

Learn the basics, trek through the Glens and master the rising trot. Test out your new found skills and bring the competitive streak out in the group with games on horseback. Great fun and perfect for team building.



Orienteering Adventure


Duration – 5 hrs: Price – £25

Step into the wilderness of the Glens of Antrim with a map, a compass and a sense of adventure. Start the day off by learning the basic skills of Orienteering, get involved in warm up tasks and then the real fun begins. Participants will be split into groups, given objectives, tasks and equipment to complete them. Groups will receive points for the completion of each objective. It’s exciting, adventurous, unique and brilliant for improving team work, communication and leadership skills.

*We offer a variety of orienteering packages to suit all ages

*This price is based on a group of 10 or more participants





Wild West Adventure


Duration – 4hrs: Price £25

Delve into a Wild West adventure. Get into character with the brief for the day ahead and get kitted out with our cowboy hats and scarves. All good cowboy and cowgirls should know how to look after and ride their horse so take the time to learn the basics and then it’s off to scout the land on horseback. After lunch off we go into the glens to set up camp. The group will make tents, prepare a fire, dam the river, make fishing rods, fish and pan for real cowboy gold.

This package is unique, exciting and loads of fun.

*This price is based on a group of 10 or more participants

*A cowboy supper can be added for £5pp


Team Building Day

Duration – 5hrs: Price £24

Get your group working together and communicating as they should while enjoying the fun and craic of the day. Groups will test their skills and step outside their comfort zone through team building activities, horse riding, sheep herding, pony club games and orienteering.

Own a Horse for the Day


Duration- 3hrs: Price £20

Make a childhood dream come true, without the hassle. All participants will be matched up with a pony for the day and will learn how to lead, feed, groom, plat, tack up and ride their horse in a safe and encouraging environment.

*This package can be tailored to suit all age groups from 4

*This price is based on a group of 10 or more participants



Culture Day

Duration – 4hrs: Price £25

Explore the roots of your family name through interactive workshops; try your hand at the tin whistle, ceile dancing, sheep herding, rope making and bridge building. Then step out into the wilderness to enjoy our unique bog jumping and heather run activities, guaranteed to entertain.

Heritage package- Who am I and where do I come from?


Duration – 5hrs: Price- £35

Step back in time, to the 16th Century, through the epic story of the heroic Chieftain, Sorley Boy McDonnell.

Hear our shared history story, explore where your family name came from and get involved in activities of the time including rope making, bridge building, weaving, calligraphy, turf cutting and horse riding. Finish off the day with a themed trip to one of Sorleys most famous battle sites, above the centre and relive one of his greatest victories.

*A hot lunch/dinner can be added to any of our packages for £7pp or you are welcome to bring your own or use our BBQ facilities.

*We have different versions of the story to suit all age groups

*Perfect for cross community/good relations work

*Residential weekends, based on the shared history can be arranged which include  overnight stay, aspects of the culture package and a trip to Rathlin Island.