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At Sheans Horse Farm we have one of the most extensive off road horse riding and trekking centers in Ireland, located on the North Coast. As you follow farm tracks and ford streams on horseback, riding through beautiful countryside up into the stunning North Antrim hills, you’ll be treated to panoramic views over five counties.

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Sheans Horse Farm has become established as one of the top HORSE RIDING IRELAND AND TREKKING centres in Ireland suitable for all level of riding, regardless of age and ability, come and have an unforgettable and exhilarating experience with us. Let us build up your confidence and leave you on a high – looking forward to your return visit. We place great emphasis on individual customer care to ensure your enjoyment and satisfaction.

1.5 Hours Horse Riding in Northern Ireland available here

Using a team of 50 horses and ponies, all riding takes place on miles of off- road tracks CLOSE TO THE NORTH COAST, we have horses to suit everyone. Trekking is for novice riders and beginners where as with our hacking you can choose to ride at your own level, with cross country riding and jumping for experienced riders. Sheans is highly commended for the wholesome atmosphere and the personal encouragement and support offered to our visitors by all of the staff at Sheans. LOCATED ON THE NORTH COAST AND JUDGED FROM TRIP ADVISOR TO BE ONE OF THE BEST HORSERIDING AND TREKKING CENTRES IN IRELAND, TREKKING AT Sheans is for novice riders and beginners, all treks involve getting mounted up, being given instruction in a small enclosed arena before going out on an escorted walking trek.

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All treks consist of walking out on the tracks, ( trotting is only done outdoors on hacks) On returning to the centre we find that riders balance and confidence has improved and we will take you into the indoor arena, and teach you how to trot. (for those that want to) Riders enjoy the challenge of learning the basics of trotting which is very carefully supervised. This is very popular and is always seen as a personal achievement for all visitors enjoyed by both adults and children, particularly by families. LOCATED ON THE NORTH COAST AND JUDGED FROM TRIP ADVISOR TO BE ONE OF THE BEST HORSERIDING AND TREKKING CENTRES IN IRELAND

Horse Riding Ireland Trekking

Horse Riding Ireland Trekking

A 15 stone (95kg) weight limit applies to all riders at Sheans Horse Farm

Horse Riding Ireland Locations

Take in the breath-taking views in the hills of North Antrim as you ride out from the low lying land around the River Bush, across streams and over heights and hollows and move through the heather-covered slopes of Slieve an Orra on the Antrim Plateau – site of the Battle of Aura between the McQuillans and McDonnells in 1583 and savour views to as far away as County Donegal, Derry, Tyrone and Fermanagh.

We cater for all ages and suitable for all levels of riders from total beginners to experienced riders.