Coastal Horse Riding

For those intrepid horse riders who wish to immerse themselves in a horse riding experience that incorporates the iconic scenery and  beauty long associated with Ireland’s rugged North Coast, our partners at Bespoke Equestrian Ireland are here to oblige.

The congenial and welcoming atmosphere provided by your hosts will indubitably only be transcended by the natural beauty and jaw dropping splendor that none but those fortunate few who have traversed and witnessed the North Coast will be able to truly comprehend.

Bespoke Equestrian Ireland’s horse riding experiences from 1/2 day to full serviced 7 day horse riding packages, ensure  that this isn’t a mere horse ride on Ireland’s North Coast, it rates as one of the best horse riding experiences in the world.

Prices start from £125 for our Taste of the North Coast ride depending on whether you ride as part of a group or in a single rider private ride.

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