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Beach ride deals 


Enjoy a 2.5hr beach ride across the stunning vista of Whitepark bay or Benone strand!

Buy a beach ride voucher, choose from 1 of the dates below and call us on 07759320434 or email us at danny@sheanshorsefarm.com to book!

  • 2.1.21 Whitepark bay – Confident at Cantering
  • 30.1.21 Whitepark bay – Confident at Cantering
  • 27.2.21 Whitepark bay – Confident at Trotting independently *
  • 27.3.21 Whitepark bay – Confident at Cantering
  • 10.4.21 Benone strand– Beginner**
  • 24.4.21 Benone strand– Confident at Trotting independently *
  • 22. 5.21 Benone strand – Confident at cantering
To order a voucher, call 07759320434 or email us at danny@sheanshorsefarm.com 

*note the early start of 7am at our stables on the day of the ride for an assessment ride however if you have ridden with us before, you can meet us at the coastal riding location for 8.30.

*Spaces are limited

*For the trotting level beach rides, riders who may need some extra help on the ground (younger riders, less confident riders) may be asked to pay an extra £20

**Total cost for the Beginner ride for Adults is £115 and for Beginner child is £125 due to extra staff needed for this level

6-week Adult Fast Track riding course


Learn to ride in 6 weeks!

Our stage 1 Adult Fast Track riding course is designed to help riders become confident at riding in the arena, master the rising trot and begin preparation to learn to canter in the arena. No experience required. Stage 2 gives you the opportunity to develop your trotting and steering, learn how to canter and develop your ability to canter in the arena.

Course 1

Thursday 4.2.21 – 11.3.21 (Including a hack 13.3.21)

Every Thursday @ 6.30pm – Stage 1

Every Thursday @ 7.20– Stage 1

Course 2

Thursday 18.3.21 – 22.4.21 (Including a hack 24.4.21)

Every Thursday @ 6.30pm – Stage 1

Every Thursday @ 7.20pm – Stage 2

To book onto a course, call 07759320434 or email us at danny@sheanshorsefarm.com 


Trekking/Hacking Voucher

Enjoy the freedom, fun and buzz of a trekking, hacking or picnic experience at Sheans. A fantastic day out for all abilities of riders.

Vouchers can be made out to a value that suits you

6 children’s horse riding lessons


Give the gift of learning how to ride this Christmas and we will do the rest! 

We do riding lessons for all levels on a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday so all the rider needs to do is to let us know when they would like to start and we will get them a date.

To order a voucher, 07759320434 or email us at danny@sheanshorsefarm.com 

Afternoon Tea Voucher

£75pp (extra £5 for Prosecco)

Here is an idea for a quality date, a family day out or a catch up with your nearest and dearest. Enjoy the thrill of a horse ride through the hills of North Antrim before stopping off at our mountainside cabin for a high-quality afternoon tea (with optional prosecco), guaranteed to impress.

Call 07759320434 or email us at danny@sheanshorsefarm.com 

Ride the Kings Road

Game of Thrones experience

£60pp (4 people+) or £80 (2 people)

Ride in the footsteps of Arrya Stark on the Kingsroad, dressed as a true Knight or Lady of Westeros while taking in the beauty of the Dark Hedges and the surrounding countryside.

Check out the link below for more details on the days itinerary:


Call 07759320434 or email us at danny@sheanshorsefarm.com