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Adventureland Weekend

Adventureland Weekend is a concept of Outdoor NI which aims to promote and give everyone the opportunity to explore outdoor activities in Northern Ireland. To have an adventure and try something new which they may not have considered before or to take up a new pursuit which also incorporates Northern Ireland’s beautiful scenery.
We are running a Special Offer on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of March 2015
Our offer which is similar to our previous Adventureland Weekend offers is:

1 Hour TREKKING SESSION at £12 per person.

This offer is available to everyone subject to availability.
• All trekking sessions are walking sessions suitable for total beginners or experienced riders ( not trotting and cantering)
• Young children who cannot manage on their own need to be accompanied by an adult walking with them, or in the case of very young children 2 adults, one to lead and one to hold the child.
• Ring Danny on 07759320434 or email to arrange booking.


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This offer is not part of Outdoor NI -Adventureland Weekend but as one of the leading Horse riding Centres in Ireland we would like to provide people the opportunity to add horse riding to their list of activities for that weekend.