Riding School

A Quality Riding School

The focus at Sheans Horse Farm, is to provide a fun, engaging learning experience for riders of all abilities.Our trusted team of school horses means we can provide lessons for all abilities of riders. Special care is taken with nervous riders and beginners.   At Sheans Horse Farm we can combine a lesson with a trek so that all abilities can enjoy the riding, the scenery and test their skills.  Nervous riders can cast away their fears and take confidence in our quiet schoolmaster horses.

Sheans Horse Farm and Heritage Centre

Lessons can be individual or group-based and lasts from half to one hour. At Sheans Horse Farm we feel that a good half hour session is adequate for young children and beginners.  The emphasis is on making riding a fun learning experience! Lessons are limited to groups of 6 which means that your progress can be assessed on a personal level.  At Sheans Horse Farm we find that the trekking tracks compliment the riding school particularly for beginners and novices. Once you have gained the basics of balance and control, go out on the tracks to hack and trek. On the tracks riders grow in confidence, relax and so can concentrate more on improving their riding technique.

One Hour Private Hacking lesson out on the Trail with Danny to boost confidence, improve balance, technique and horsemanship on a carefully selected horse – a master class.  Adjusted for individual levels.

Lesson Times
All year round, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Duration 30 mins Group – £10
Duration 60 mins Group – £18
Private Lesson half hour – £20
Private Hour Lesson – £35

Please Contact Sheans Horse Farm for further information and bookings.

 A 15 stone (95kg) weight limit applies to all riders at Sheans Horse Farm