The Santa at Sheans Experience – Meet Santa Claus and his little helpers


A Magical Christmas Experience

Like No Other

Make your Christmas magical with “Santa at Sheans” one of the best places to meet Santa in Northern Ireland and beyond!


When you visit Santa at Sheans you will experience a magical Christmas experience like no other and will understand exactly why Santa has chosen us to be Northern Ireland’s Lapland.


Wander through the Elves’ enchanted forest to the Village Square, meet Mrs Claus in her kitchen, catch the Santa Express bus and post your letter at Santa’s official mountain top Licensed Post Office, before getting to meet Santa Claus with your family.



Everyone here at Sheans is delighted that Santa has granted them a licence to operate his Official Post Office in Ireland for 2017. Santa says that because of the excellent runway on the top of the mountain beside the Post Office, he and his Elves can actually save a lot of time by just collecting the little boys’ and girls’ letters in Northern Ireland’s Lapland at this busy time.

This has given him some extra time and with the runway being so close to the Centre, Santa has promised that he and Mrs Claus will call there and meet as many children as possible when he his elves are collecting their letters, making this is your chance to visit Santa and his little helpers.


When you arrive at Sheans to visit Santa:

  • Explore the indoor magical forest and call in to the village square on the edge of the forest where, over an open fire, the elves will roast you some marshmallows and offer you some of their tasty treats
  • MRS CLAUS will welcome you into her kitchen and help you write your letter to SANTA
  • From outside Mrs Claus’s kitchen you will be able to look up and see SANTA’S RUNWAY half a mile away, all lit up on the hillside beside the ELVES’ POST OFFICE
  • You will then take your letters and catch the SANTA EXPRESS BUS up to the REINDEERS RUNNWAY beside the ELVES’ MOUNTAIN TOP POST OFFICE
  • En route to the POST OFFICE you have to stop at the foot of the mountain to request clearance from Air Traffic Control to drive across SANTA’S RUNWAY so as to get to the post office. (Just in case Santa and his elves are landing at that time to collect the letters!)
  • At the ELVES’ POST OFICE you stamp your letter, post it to the North Pole and leave off some food for the reindeers who will be arriving later that night
  • You will see THE REINDEER PEN where SANTA’S REINDEERS rest while he and the elves collect all the children’s letters each night after 12 O’clock
  • Hop back on to the SANTA EXPRESS BUS which will take you back down to THE STABLES and see the large Nativity scene with the manger and all of the animals
  • Next door make up some special reindeer food to take home for Christmas Eve to leave out for the reindeers on that busy night
  • COLOUR IN your picture to give to SANTA. (Chief Elf picks winner each night for a Sheans Horse Riding Voucher)
  • SANTA will be waiting in his GROTTO to see you, give you a present and hear how well behaved you will be in the run up to Christmas
  • Everybody is welcome to take your own photos with Santa in the grotto
  • After your visit to Santa, you will be greeted with mulled wine/juice and mince pies/cookies in THE LOFT TEA ROOM above the stables which looks down on to the Elves’ village in the magical forest
  • Price: Children: £16; Adults: £11; Children under one year old: Free (but will receive a present)
  • All experiences and refreshments are included in the price.

THE LOFT TEA ROOM is also open for Tea/Coffee and cakes. – Please Note: Additional Tea room purchase charges are not included in quoted price.

There will be NO Reindeers at the ELVES’ POST OFFICE until after 24.00 hrs when they come to collect the letters. (Everyone is welcome to come back later and meet the reindeers as they arrive.)


    Groups of 25 can book into each slot via this web site but provision has been made for larger groups such as Extended Families, Youth groups, Clubs, Schools and Play groups with very large numbers. These can be booked by giving us a call on 07759320434.
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